Protecting Your Vancouver Restaurant From Pests

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, September 4, 2017

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Vancouver area restaurants, cafes, and food service businesses deal with maintenance tasks that affect their businesses very specifically. Issues that may be considered small nuisances in other businesses can positively cripple a food service business. For example, the dining public puts their trust into restaurants to be absolutely free of pests, however, we know that keeping any food service business pest free takes constant vigilance.

Your whole team needs to be above and beyond diligent in terms of cleaning, food storage, and food preparation. Your vendors need to be prompt and their deliveries fresh. You, as a manager or owner, must be aware of every nuance of your business, because if even one of your team members falters, you may soon be paying for it in the form of a pest invasion.

When teamwork breaks down in an otherwise smooth-running kitchen and roach, ant or rodent issues appear, a manager’s smart move is to reach out to a trusted local pest control specialist with extensive experience working with Vancouver area food service businesses, Wildwoods Pest Control specialist is prompt, discreet, meticulous, and Vancouver local.

Contact Wildwoods Pest Control when pest issues arise and we’ll have your Vancouver restaurants pest free in no time.

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