Protecting Your Wilkes East Home From Pests

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, March 19, 2018

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The Wilkes East neighborhood of Gresham is bustling with vibrancy and diversity. Wiles East is most notable for its warm inviting neighborhoods, humming with families. These enclaves that make up the Wilkes East areas of Gresham are surprisingly vulnerable to pest infestations. Its arrangement of neighborhoods, flanked by open areas and industrial centers make it a common target for pests such as roaches, termites, rodents and wildlife.

However, sugar ants, carpenter ants, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, wasps and bees, cockroaches, box elder beetles, termites, and moths all pose infestation threats to many Wilkes East houses. Though these common pests may be often associated with densely populated urban areas or remote rural areas, suburban homes are just as likely to sustain minor and major infestations. Keeping Wilkes East homes free from these pests, however, is simple with the help of a skilled pest control professional.

Wildwoods Pest Control can take care of any pest problem. We employ an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management”, we believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique. Gresham’s many varied neighborhoods each have specific needs and vulnerabilities. Wildwoods has served Gresham area communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your wildlife and pest control issues.

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