Safe Removal Of Bees And Wasps

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“Save the bees” is a common refrain in the Northwest, and we heartily agree, however when bees take up residence in the eaves, window frames, or otherwise tucked away areas of your home, it can be cause for alarm. While bees don’t present much in the way of injury unless you’re allergic (1 in 3 folks suffer from bee allergies, with roughly 3% of the population reporting a fatal aversion to stings), the nuisance can be considerable. Similarly, while wasps find areas of your home’s exterior to habitat, they present a much greater cause for alarm, as their aggressive nature can lead to painful, repeated stings. Whether your home is under siege by an aggressive wasp nest or simply cluttered with an uncomfortable number of honeybees, Wildwoods can offer solutions and results that will have your home bee and wasp free in no time.

When handling the distress caused by an unwanted honeybee colony, our first act is to examine how we can safely remove the hive without damaging the colony. This may involve the services of a skilled beekeeper who can effectively remove beehives without harm. Preserving honeybees is a priority tantamount to protecting folks from reactions to their panicked stings. Rest assured Wildwoods will take all precautions necessary to safely eliminate any bee infestation from your home.

Wasps, however, do not demand the delicate handling that honeybees do. While their ecological significance is not lost, their incredibly aggressive nature and ability to sting multiple times without repercussion makes them, more often than not, candidates for extermination.

Wildwoods Pest Control has the environment in mind when we do pest control treatments.  Employing an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management”, we believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique.  We take the time to identify the source of the infestation and develop a custom plan to target your pest issues.

If you are experiencing a bee or wasp infestation, contact Wildwoods today. Learn more about our services and safe extermination practices.

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