Sugar Ants Are Everywhere In Portland!

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Warm weather is great for ants to come out and investigate your home looking for any bit of food in your home, and spring and summer weather is certainly here to stay in the Northwest. That means you might get tiny little ants that smell when you squish them. These little guys are called Odorous House Ants or Sugar Ants, and they can get in your home and multiply quickly if you are not careful.

In Portland OR, these little guys don’t need much to make it into your home, and unfortunately, these guys are here to stay as well. It is incredibly important to keep your home clear of any food that might be left out or the Sugar Ants will be all over it. Here’s an anecdote from Marty Smith, also known as Dr. Know, who is a contributor for The Willamette Week.

Within a few short hours, the ants will have built a tiny natural-gas-fracking boomtown around their new food source. Let it go for a whole day and they’ll have created a whole civilization, with trade and the beginnings of written language. It’s creepy.

All of which is to say that I share your pain, Axel. According to Oregon Department of Agriculture entomologist Josh Vlach, those “super-small ones” are probably odorous house ants.

Like human beings, odorous house ants are a nominally non-native species that, at this point, the Northwest has approximately zero chance of getting rid of. Also like human beings, they smell bad—squish a few and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

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