Sump Pump Installation In Portland

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Does Your Home Need A Sump Pump

Wildwoods Pest Control Offers Quality Pest Control And More In Portland

Portland locals know they can rely on Wildwoods Pest Control for the best in pest removal services and other home services. Wildwoods Pest Control is dedicated to helping Portland locals maintain their homes. Portland locals looking to protect their homes against water damage should consider Wildwoods Pest Control’s sump pump installation services.

What Is A Sump Pump?

Water damage is a nightmare for any Portland homeowner. It can lead to the structural damage of your home as well as health risks for your family. Not to mention, standing water also creates a condensed environment for all kinds of pests. Standing water can even build up without your knowledge in spaces like your crawl space. If you have any areas in or around your Portland home that have standing water, consider installing a sump pump!

A sump pump is a drainage system that moves water from one place to another. It consists of a basin installed at the lowest point of your crawl space with a pump inside. A system of trenches is also usually dug to help water to flow towards the basin. As water flows and collects in the basin, the pump will automatically kick on and start pumping the water through pipes that are plumbed into the existing underground gutter drains, which will typically move the water out to the street.

Protect your Portland home against water damage with a sump pump! Wildwoods Pest Control brings experienced and professional sump pump installation services to Portland.

Portland Locals Can Rely On Wildwoods Pest Control

Don’t miss out on professional sump pump installation services this winter. Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of safe and effective pest removal services to our clients. Searching for the best pest control specialists near me? Search no more! For the best, safest, and most effective pest control services near your business or facility, contact us or call us at 971-219-6681.


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