Termites Can Seriously Damage Your Roof

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Termites chew through the wood in your home, and this can be especially dangerous for the roof in your home. By eating through the wood in your roof, it makes it structurally weak which can not only be a massive safety issue for your home but also cost you thousands. The first step to being able to take action is knowing how to identify signs of termite damage in your home.

Detecting Termite Damage

Don’t wait until termites have done so much damage that your ceiling is caving in, your structural wood beams are compromised and your insulation looks like it’s been chewed into shreds. Termite damage in a ceiling may initially resemble light water damage — the drywall or paneling often sags and appears misshapen. It might have some discoloration, due to dry rot and subsurface damage. Look for signs before termites ever reach your ceiling, such as tiny tan and black fecal droplets, called frass. Individual pellets are smaller than a pin head, but clumps or piles are visible to the naked eye. Watch for dead termites and fecal matter near window frames and keep an eye out for thin cylindrical mud tubes in crawl spaces or walls. These tubes are made by subterranean termites to allow them to travel from soil into wood structures without exposure to light and air. Drywood termites don’t make mud tubes. Damaged wood has a dull, hollow sound. Hire pest control specialists to perform regular inspections so you don’t risk waiting until it’s too late.

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