Termites Swarm In Springtime!

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Springtime is here, and the warmer weather heralds the time for bugs to come out and into your homes. Termites especially begin to swarm in the spring. Make sure your home keeps te bugs out with Wildwoods Pest Control!

“We have the Eastern Subterranean termites that we’re most familiar with, which usually swarm at day time. Formosan usually swarm at night time. Both are subterranean, both come from beneath the soil but those are the ones that really eat chunks I guess for lack of a better term,” Johnson explained.

To prevent termites, Johnson says pay attention to what’s going on with your home and/or business.

“Leaky plumbing is a source because termites need water in order to survive so that needs to be surveyed on the roof as well as in the walls,” Johnson said.

If you start to see the swarming bugs during the day or night, Johnson suggests calling a professional to check it out. He says by that time, they may already be in your home.

“Normally when you get a swarm going on, scientists think that colony is about four years old so normally, the first swarm is an indication they’ve been there for years now. The amount of damage, you usually have to open the wall to see it. Sometimes it can feel solid but you open the wall and the damage is tremendous,” Johnson explained.

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