The Spiders Are Coming

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sandy Pest ControlI sit here today inside of a warm Starbucks and look outside at the whipping wind and the biting cold.  It is currently about 26 degrees outside and there are no insects in sight.  Winter is the time of year that nobody thinks about pest control because there are no insects around to remind them.  But, it is only a matter of time before the bugs are back and you may be wishing that you addressed them earlier.

Your next pest problem is likely to be spiders.  Spiders mate in the fall and then hunker down for the winter.   Days like today are far too cold to worry about spiders and spider eggs, but in a few weeks from now as the spring weather approaches, those eggs begin to hatch.

February is typically a month where very few customers call complaining about ants , termites or other pests.  Mostly, we have a lot of rodent infestations to deal with, but coming in as a close second are the spiders.  Spiders will generally try and get out of the cold and find warmth within your home when the fall rolls around.  Those warmth seeking spiders will then lay eggs and (as mentioned earlier) those eggs start to hatch this month and next month.

There are a few factors that make for the perfect storm in spider populations.  One of them is having a mild winter, which is what we have had in the Portland Metro area over the past few years.  Without extreme cold, a greater percentage of spiders will survive and be back the next year.  The second factor goes along with the first.  A mild winter means that other insects will survive and that allows more food for spiders.  The third factor has more to do with your specific house, but the more shrubs that you have near your home, the more spiders that you will have.

Many of our customers in the Portland, Oregon area will be calling in a few weeks to have us help them get rid of spider infestations, but it would be smart to get started now.  Consider doing a preventative pest treatment this week and stop the spiders from ever getting into your home.


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