Tips For Keeping Roaches Out Of Your Home

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Once a roach infestation takes hold of your home, it can be a massive effort to remove the pests completely. Roaches multiply astoundingly fast and a small infestation can quickly become a full-blown cockroach catastrophe. At Wildwoods, we take great care to restore your home to its pest-free former glory, but we certainly don’t mind sharing a few tips to help folks avoid these infestations in the first place.

How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

Kitchens are ground zero for most cockroach infestations, and even the tidiest among them is at risk. A good way to avoid visits from roaches is to make sure all your dry goods are sealed in airtight containers. All too often roaches will invade bags of sugar and flour that have been hastily rolled or clipped shut. Transferring pantry items to glass or ceramic jars with airtight lids will ensure they’re not infested.

Kitchen cleanup should include under the fridge, stove, and sink. These hard to reach areas may be tiresome for you to access, but to a family of cockroaches, they are approachable and ready for use (and likely replete with tiny, forgotten food scraps). Make time at least once a month to pay attention to these dark corners of your kitchen and cockroaches will likely avoid you.

Time is of the essence when dealing with a roach infestation. A female cockroach lays up to 50 eggs at a time and an egg will reach full maturity and start reproducing within just 90 days. Once this occurs, your best bet is to reach out to the team at Wildwoods to ensure the infestation is completely eliminated. Visit our Services page to learn more about Wildwoods safe pest control techniques.

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