Tips On How To Recognize Local Venomous Spiders 

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Black Widow

Spider Extermination 

Noticing pests in your Portland home can be stressful. After all, nobody wants to live with pests. Depending on the type of pest as well as the quantity of pests, however, you may not feel safe trying to remove those pests on you own. That’s what Wildwoods Pest Control is here for. Our team removes unwanted pests from your Portland property quickly and safely with reliable pest control services. We also use integrated pest management techniques so that the pest removal process is safe for your and your family. 

Tips On How To Recognize Local Venomous Spiders 

One of the many worrisome pests that Portland locals may have to deal with this spring is local venomous spiders. Of course we don’t recommend trying to remove venomous spiders on your own, but it is useful to be able to identify common venomous spiders that we sometimes get in the area. 

Hobo Spiders 

The Hobo Spider is one of the venomous spiders that is local to the Portland area. This spider is larger, brown in color, and had darker brown marking on its back. Most spiders have darker joints on their legs. Hobo spiders lack this feature. Hobo spiders can also be identified by their funnel webs. While local to the Pacific Northwest, Hobo spiders are still fairly rare. 

Black Widow Spiders 

Another type of venomous spider you may see in the Portland area is the Black Widow. Fortunately, black widows are even more rare than Hobo spiders as they tend to prefer the warmer climates local to the south. Still, Black Widows sometimes make their way north through human travel. Black Widow spiders are black in color and have a red hourglass-like shape on their abdomen. 

Brown Recluse Spiders 

Finally, Portland locals should be able to identify the brown recluse spider. The brown recluse is the spider you’re least likely to see. Like Black Widows, they usually reside in the south – specifically, the southwest. However, they are sometimes seen in Oregon. Most spiders have eight eyes, arranged in pairs of two. Brown recluses have six eyes in three pairs. Just behind the eyes, the Brown Recluse will have a violin-shaped spot. 

If you notice any of these spiders in your home, be careful not to get too close. They are venomous and their bites are serious business! For safe and effective spider extermination, call on Wildwoods Pest Control. 

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