Tips To Reduce The Number Of Spiders In Your Home

Posted by bmedia on Friday, May 26, 2017


Oregon has spiders, over 500 different species! Most of these spiders live outdoors but some of them find their way into your home. Some spiders will make themselves home in humid basements or crawlspaces while others prefer dry spaces. You’re also likely to find spiders in the upper corners of rooms, attics, and other small dark spaces. If eight-legged arachnids keep finding their way into your home here are some tips to help keep them away.

Tips to reduce the number of spiders in the home

  • make sure any small cracks and openings to your home are well sealed and install well-fitted window screens
  • remove spider webs from the foundation,eaves, windows, and door frames of your home
  • install rubber, plastic or brush gaskets underneath doors that lead outdoors or into garages and basementsseal gaps in window frames
  • with weather stripping, wood putty, or sealant; seal gaps around plumbing with construction foam
  • watch for spiders if you bring firewood, potted plants, or other objects in from outside
  • vacuum regularly and vacuum any visible spiders
  • keep bedding several inches above the floor
  • shake clothes and shoes before wearing; shake your bath towels before using
  • use spider traps (note: If not correctly placed, traps are not normally very effective but will trap and kill at least a few spiders. Traps are most effective when placed on the floor in dark corners and under furniture)

SRC: Click to learn more about Oregon spiders.

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