Wasp and Bee Control in Clackamas

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Remove Wasps From Your Troutdale PropertyBest Wasp and Bee Control Service in Clackamas

Wildwoods Pest Control brings wasp and bee control services to the Clackamas area. Wildwoods Pest Control understands the dangers that wasps and bees can pose near Clackamas homes. When you need fast and dependable wasp and bee control, don’t hesitate to call on Wildwoods Pest Control for safe and effective solutions to dangerous pests in and around your Clackamas home.

Don’t Risk the Sting – Call Wildwoods Pest Control

Bee and wasp stings can be more than just irritating for some of the people of Clackamas. One in three people are allergic to stings and as much as 3% of the population of the country is fatally allergic. Don’t attempt to handle a wasp or bee problem yourself. Call on Wildwoods Pest Control for an immediate assessment of your potential wasp or bee problem. Wildwoods Pest Control takes bee and wasp control very seriously. Our team will determine the proper method of removing dangerous pests from your Clackamas property.  We work diligently to safely remove bee and wasp nests from anywhere they pose a threat to Clackamas residents.

Identify, Access, Control

Wildwoods Pest Control first carefully assesses the potential dangers of wasp or beehive whenever we are called upon for wasp and bee control. Especially given the worldwide decrease in the honeybee population, we want to identify the type of nest before interfering. After identifying the type of nest, we can either call in a beekeeper to move the nest (in the case that it is a honeybee nest) or employ wasp and bee control methods.

Depend on Wildwoods Pest Control for Complete Wasp and Bee Control in Clackamas

Clackamas residents can trust Wildwoods Pest Control for the complete and effective removal of wasps and bees from their home. In addition to removing wasps and bees, Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of other pest removal services. At Wildwoods Pest Control, it is our  promise to safely and effectively remove all pests from your home.

If you are experiencing a bee or wasp infestation, contact Wildwoods today. Learn more about our services and safe extermination practices.

Contact us or call us at 971-219-6681 for immediate assistance.


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