Wasp and Bee Removal in Vancouver

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In Need of Professional Wasp and Bee Removal? Vancouver Can Rely on Wildwoods Pest Control

Wildwoods Pest Control is proud to offer professional wasp and bee removal service to Vancouver residents. The Wildwoods Pest Control team is vastly experienced in wasp and bee removal and will quickly and effectively handle any wasp or bee infestation threatening your home.

Wasps and Bees: The Benefits and Potential Dangers

Both wasps and bees perform useful services to our environment. Wasps control the insect population by killing and feeding on various types of insects, many of which would otherwise become a nuisance. Bees, of course, pollinate the local flora and keep the Vancouver area looking beautiful. However, 1 in 3 people are allergic to the stings of wasps and bees and as much as 3% of the population is fatally allergic to those stings. For this reason, any wasp or bee nest that poses a threat to people in Vancouver must be safely and effectively removed. This is where Wildwoods Pest Control steps in to professionally remove wasps and bees.

The Importance of Identifying the Type of Nest Before Bee and Wasp Removal

Due to the worldwide decrease in the honey bee population, before any bee or wasp removal, Wildwoods Pest Control will take the time to identify the type of nest. Wildwoods Pest Control aims to protect Vancouver’s honey bee population by seeking alternative methods to exterminating the nest. We will suggest having a beekeeper come out to see if they can move the nest before we decide on treatment options. Only if the honey bee nest poses a real threat to humans will we treat the area to remove bees.

Wildwoods Pest Control Offers Quality Wasp and Bee Removal in Vancouver

Vancouver residents can trust Wildwoods Pest Control for the complete and effective removal of wasps and bees from their home. In addition to removing wasps and bees, Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of other pest removal services. Wildwoods Pest Control promises to safely and effectively remove all pests from your home.

If you are experiencing a bee or wasp infestation, contact Wildwoods today. Learn more about our services and safe extermination practices.


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