What Are Common Spring Pests In Portland? 

Posted by bmedia on Monday, March 1, 2021

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Watch Out For Pest Activity This Spring 

It’ll be spring before you know it in Portland. Many pests are less active in the winter months due to the cold and the lack of food. Spring, however, sees an emergence of pest activity, so be on the lookout for unwanted pests in your Portland home. 

What Are Common Springtime Pests In Portland? 

Here are 4 of the most common spring pests to be on the lookout for in Portland. 

Box Elder Beetles 

Box elder beetles will overwinter inside buildings and emerge in the spring and summer months when it’s warm enough for them. They linger in sunny spots on walls and can leave an ugly stain if they are squished. Additionally, their feces can leave stains behind. Call on Wildwoods Pest Control to safely remove this spring pest. 

Sugar Ants 

Another name for sugar ants is “odorous house ants.” They are known for the gasoline-like smell they emit when they are crushed. Attempting to remove a sugar ant infestation on your own is ill-advised, especially since sugar ants have a defense response to repellents that cause them to breed faster. Let Wildwoods Pest Control help you get rid of sugar ants for good! 

Carpenter Ants 

These ants cause a lot of wood damage, so a carpenter ant infestation can be particularly dangerous for your Portland home. If you see sawdust in your home, that is a sign that carpenter ants have carved out a nest somewhere nearby for their eggs. Call Wildwoods pest control to remove carpenter ants! 

Rodents And Moles 

Rodents and moles both become more active in the springtime. Rodents like rats and mice will live in your crawl space, contaminating the very air you breathe with their feces and urine. Moles, on the other hand, will wreak havoc on your outdoor property. Wildwoods Pest Control can safely remove both of these unwanted pests! 

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