What Temperature Do Fleas Like The Best?

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Just about everyone with a cat or dog has experienced a flea infestation at some point and it can be quite annoying. Fleas rapidly get out of hand because they reproduce very quickly which can result in an infestation. The first thing that you should do when trying to address a flea problem is to look at your pets. If your pet has fleas, your home has fleas. If your pet is flea free you could have rodents or any other animals living underneath your home, causing the infestation. No matter the cause, living with fleas is a nightmare! Summertime is prime weather for fleas to start attacking your pets and homes. But what is a flea’s most ideal temperature?

What is a Flea’s Most Ideal Temperature?

Both fleas and ticks flourish in warm climates. The ideal temperature for these parasites is within the 70 to 85 degree range, but they can live in cooler and warmer temperatures as well. For many states, the most prevalent seasons for fleas and ticks are the spring and summer, or roughly from May through September. For southern and southwestern states, the flea and tick season typically occurs year round. 

Extremely high heat will destroy fleas and ticks, as well as their eggs. If you’re suffering from a flea infestation, washing and drying your pet’s bedding on high heat is a helpful eradication method. Similarly, after being outside in a tick-friendly area, laundering your clothes is a good way to destroy any ticks that may be clinging to your outfit. (Note that ticks have been found to live even after a cycle through the washing machine, so be sure to also dry clothing on high heat.) 

Once the temperature falls below freezing for several days in a row, adult fleas will die. However, for fleas in a different stage of the life cycle — the eggs, larva, and pupa — the cold weather is not destructive. The non-adult fleas will go dormant, and when temperatures rise again, those fleas will begin to look for a host. Similarly, ticks are only dormant, not dead, when the weather is below freezing. If the temperature rises in the wintertime, be cautious of tick bites just as you would be in the summertime.

SRC: Click to learn more about fleas flourishing in summer weather. 

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