What’s That Smell? The Sugar Ant.

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It’s spring time, which means pests that went into hibernation for the cold months of winter are now going to make a comeback. That means you might get tiny little ants that smell when you squish them. These little guys are called Odorous House Ants or Sugar Ants, and they can get in your home and multiply quickly if you are not careful. An easy way to identify them is by the odor that they give off when they are squished and for a while, many ant enthusiasts have argued over what that smell is.

The major component of odorous house ant scent is called 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one. And it belongs to the same class of chemicals found in blue cheese smell, called methyl ketones. No methyl ketones were found in fresh coconut or coconut oil. Then they decided to conduct the experiment again with a coconut that had been buried in the yard for at least three days. By then it was covered in blue-green Penicillium mold and had a rather pungent odor. Sure enough, that moldy smell contained those same methyl ketones.

Odorous house ants, they conclude, smell like blue cheese with a cautious nod to rotten coconut. “We say cautious, because it is not the ‘coconut’ in rotten coconut that smells like the odorous house ant, but the ‘rotten,’” they write. And why are these ants and Penicillium molds producing similar methyl ketones? “We think it may have beneficial antimicrobial properties,” Penick says in a news release, though this remains to be explored. 


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