When To Call A Pro For an Inspection

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Wildwoods Pest Control_When To Call A Pro For an Inspection

Pest control issues can quickly go from a minor nuisance to an all-out assault. Many insects and vermin in the Pacific Northwest can be incredibly hard to extricate from a home once they’ve dug their figurative and literal claws in. Knowing when an issue can be handled with a few simple household adjustments and when a professional is needed can sometimes be tricky. Follow these suggestions to decide on the right time to call in an exterminator.

Isolate the main area of infestation, like a cupboard, under a sink, or in your crawlspace, and clean, clean, clean. There are a number of pest issues that can be resolved with a vigorous cleaning and the removal and/or destruction of infested items. Meal moths and cockroaches, for example, can be discouraged from making a home of your kitchen if, at the first sign of the pest, you remove any exposed food items, perform a deep clean in areas where food is stored and prepared, and close any window gaps. If your squeaky-clean kitchen area is still replete with pests, it may be time call in a professional.

The issue of wild beehives can be quite serious for homes with residents who suffer from bee allergies, but often bee concerns can be cleverly and quickly handled by trained beekeepers. These pros can typically preserve the hive while removing it from your property.

Whenever you have a pest issue that cannot be solved with cleaning, organizing, or professional beekeepers, call the Professionals at Wildwoods. Our skilled exterminators can help get your house pest free.

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