Why Do Pests Get Into Your Home?

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It’s Springtime which means Ants and other pests are going to be active again. Wildwoods Pest Control is dedicated to making sure your home is pest free. Why do these pests make their way it into your home? Well, a lot of it is the weather.

The weather drives them in. Seasonal change is a common factor bringing pests into homes, as they seek shelter from extreme weather conditions. “They’re our chief competitors for food and fiber. They’re very good at getting into areas that they can survive winter [and] heat in the summer,” Whitworth says.

It’s not just insects and spiders, either. Mouse and rat problems in homes are more common in fall, when the weather turns colder, and the rodents start looking for a warmer place to spend the winter.

Weather patterns and drought also play a big part in bringing outside creatures into the home, as pests seeking moisture will turn to buildings when there’s a lack of rain or moisture outside. In the San Francisco Bay Area, rat problems have increased as the California drought continues, explains Richard Estrada, president of ATCO Pest Control. Because the ground doesn’t have much moisture, rats have had to turn to residences to find water, and while ridding a home of rats isn’t necessarily more difficult because of the drought, it continues to be a growing problem in the area, Estrada says.

“Any time you see extreme changes in the environment, it upsets the whole ecosystem, and it affects the insect population and of course the rodent population,” Estrada says.

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