Why Winter Is The Best Time To Protect Your Home From Pests

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, February 2, 2018

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While it may be chilly, windy, rainy and altogether uncomfortable outside during Oregon’s winter months, it is actually the most advantageous time to make home improvements to protect yourself against pest infestations. It is the brisk winter atmosphere that influences the seasonal antipathy of many household pests, giving you plenty of time to prepare your home for their inevitable spring awakening.

Gaps and Entryways

Protect your home from agitating pests by sealing off any weak points in the foundation, crawlspaces, attics etc. Large gaps in doors, ill-fitted window and grates, and even loose bits of roof can all contribute to massive infestation, so resolve these before the warm weather invites rodents to exploit any feeble areas.

Garden Areas

Your garden is calling you regardless, so as you anticipate spring by taking appropriate landscaping measures, keep in mind that all flower and garden beds should be at least 10 ft from your home.

Waste and Compost

Garbage areas should also be at least 10 ft from the home, with heavy lids that discourage rodent rummaging. By giving your garden and waste areas distance from your home’s structure you can dissuade pests from migrating from your compost and garbage to your house.

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